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At Allegro Piano Entertainment, we believe that kids can benefit greatly from listening to good music. All modern research points to the fact that kids gain from studying a musical instrument and listening to quality music much more so than the popular alternative of sports or computers. Yet more and more school systems cut back on music and arts programs under the mistaken, misappropriated and misguided belief that music is a “non – essential”.
(See The Power of Music.)

Then there are the unfortunate kids who fill much of their time watching TV or playing video games after school.

The idea behind Kids Koncerts is simple. Eben Goresko, Pianist and “Piano Man” will perform a short concert of uplifting, quality music and impart an appreciation for the piano as an instrument to the people who can benefit from it the most, our kids.

See Programs for more information about venues for kids in school.

“Music is native to the human mind. There is not a culture on Earth that does not have it, and our brains are wired to apprehend and be moved by it’s magic.”

Quote from March, 2005 National Geographic on the Mind and Music